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So, since the start of this site I’ve been attempting to figure out in which direction I would like to go. Meaning, more of a Coach’s Blog or directed more towards my job in terms of Coaching and Sports Performance. At this moment while I’m sitting on this 3-hour train ride to Hall, it’s beginning to unfold that it would make more sense to do both. I’ve been taking this train rides since the beginning of January and have hit a groove already that it’s part of my weekly schedule. To be honest, I actually look forward to them as they are my down time. It’s Coach Mele’s time! I’m not in the gym training any clients, sitting in my favorite coffee shop formulating psychotic training programs for my athletes or even rushing to the U-Bahn to get to an appointment; essentially my own office hours. Sounds a bit out of this world, but that’s what it is and I love it.

Yes, the site may become more generalized and perhaps a bit of more work by attempting to add two facets of my life to the site, but that’s what I try to represent and it is the essence of the brand I am building. Therefore, why not;  why not do both! Looking as the season is about to get under way in about a month, this can and will progress more to a week-by-week check in with anyone who is interested in seeing how our season is going in Hall and the experience I am having coaching at a powerhouse like the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns.  So stay tuned, as it will be action packed with great content and media. Maybe I’ll throw in some one-on-one’s with our players and other coaches. 👍🏻

Gra gra ✌🏻

-Coach Mele Mosqueda

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