Christopher Ezeala (NFL Fullback/Linebacker) – Baltimore Ravens, Formerly w/ Allgäu Comets & Bavarian Warriors

“Coach Mele (formerly RPS) has given me a lot. Through it, I’ve been able to push myself to limits I’ve never seen before. It’s astonishing how strong I have become in such a short amount of time. I’m glad that Coach Mele is training me because I could never imagine the potential I possess. I’m hoping that many others join us because it’s just amazing.” -Ezeala

Dimitrios Gkountoudis (HS Offensive Lineman) Clearwater Academy International, Formerly w/ Fursty Razorbacks & Bavarian Warriors

Tobias Kirchhofer (DEL2 Center) Bayreuth Tiger, Formerly w/ Bad Tölz Löwen & German National Team


Daniel Wein (Midfielder) – 1860 Löwen, Formerly w/ FC Bayern Munich, Wiesbaden


Johann Hipper (Goalie) – 1860 Löwen, Formerly w/ FC Ismaning, FC Bayern Munich

Les Obie (Collegiate/Professional QB) – Inglewood Blackhawks, So Cal Steelers, Marion Blue Racers, Long Beach Lions, Formerly w/ Golden West College, UNLV & University of Redlands, Mater Dei High School


Josh Madrid (Collegiate Defensive Back) – West Liberty University, Formerly w/ Golden West College, Garden Grove High School

Robert Lachmann (University at Albany Linebacker) Formerly w/ Hamburg Huskies


Ellis Barfield (Collegiate Defensive Back) – Seton Hill University, Formerly w/ Golden West College & Compton College


Nathaniel Primous (Collegiate Defensive Back) – Golden West College, Formerly w/ Orange Coast College & Corona Centennial High School


John Schanbacher (U19 Running Back) – Bavarian Warriors


Kevin Wiedmann (GFL Defensive Back) – Allgäu Comets, Formerly w/ Cineplexx Blue Devils


Paul Ziebart (GFL DL) – Ingolstadt Dukes, Formerly w/ Allgäu Comets

14947911_1780519208863357_6728581323970371740_n (1).jpg

Valentin Purkhart (U19 Running Back) – Feldkirchen Lions & Bavarian Warriors


Omid Najjarmansur (U19 Running Back) – Fursty Razorbacks & Bavarian Warriors


Julius Täger (GFL Defensive Back) – Allgäu Comets


Brandon Kohn (GFL Wide Receiver) – Allgäu Comets, Formerly w/ Rhein Neckar Bandits, Allgäu Comets

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