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Europe’s Elite is now powered by Rage Performance Systems. Rage Performance Systems will be providing specialized training program services to athletes through Europe’s Elite.

Rage Performance Systems (RPS) is a sports performance service founded in 2009 by Mele Mosqueda who is the current Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns’ Wide Receivers Coach. Coach Mele studied Kinesiology & Physical Education and possesses an IST B-Trainer License and CrossFit L-1 License. With RPS, Coach Mele trains various athletes throughout Europe ranging from youth to the professional ranks.

RPS takes pride in providing each athlete with their OWN uniquely modified training program. To accomplish this, athletes are first put through an assessment based on the athlete’s age, given sport, performance and functional level. “We DO NOT hand out the same program to every athlete as each athlete is different than the other. What we provide to one of our Offensive Linemen would not be the same program we prescribe to one of our Defensive Backs or Linebackers as their position demands a different type of training; or what we have a 15 year-old perform is not the same as a GFL-1 athlete.” said Coach Mele. In addition to strength training, Coach Mele also offers athletes a nutritional analysis, where he breaks down an athlete’s current nutritional intake and optimizes their “diet” for their sport in order to achieve optimal results.


My approach in training my athletes is making them functional to their sport. At the end of the day, it doesn’t come down to how much weight you can lift in the gym. Don’t get me wrong. That’s great if you have the biggest bench, squat, clean, etc. in the gym, but the question is does it TRANSLATE onto the field? That’s where being functional and training in a functional manner, according to an athlete’s sport mechanics, is the OPTIMAL manner of training. Therefore, I place my athletes in positions in which they will be on the field and train them in those respective positions and mechanics. Functionality is the key to success and at the end of the day, it is about keeping my athletes healthy (throughout the season) through an optimal and specific training program.


The main aspect that I see lacking with our kids (and even the older athletes) is adequate and specialized training (in addition to a lot of athletes having issues with optimal body-mechanics). They just don’t know how to appropriately train in the off-season and during the season and ultimately end up not reaching their full potential or end up injured on the sideline. This isn’t their fault, it’s just the lack of information that is available in Europe as sports performance is behind a handful of years (or more) from the States. I also run into the situation where athletes (and even the average joe) are performing the same workout plan for extended periods of time. The human body rapidly adapts and we as strength coaches must routinely assess our athletes and change their programs after specific cycles. When we get into the topic of specified sports, they need to be training differently in the specifications and demands of the athletes given sport. They are athletes at the end of the day.

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